– Login Admin is an IP address reserved for routers that have a unique class of IP address kept to be used by IANA.  This IP address is used by routers like TRENDnet, TEW -653AP or TEW-755AP to access admin setting

Currently, the latest running router by TRENDnet called the TEW-755AP uses the IP address as a default gateway. Going to this IP address allows you to access the router setting and change it as per your usage inside the network.

How to Access or login

 If you own TRENDnet router, you can go simply click on this address and access the admin panel

  To access the login gateway, you require

  • A system connected to the home Wi-Fi (trendnet router)
  • A personal computer where you can access the browser and in the URL bar, type
  • Enter your router’s user name and password. In the event that you don’t know it checks your default router password list.
  • At this point, you are already in the admin panel and now you can change the settings you need.


if can’t find router IP address, try this short approach before you dive into detail instructions

• Retype the router’s address

  Some browsers cause Google Search when you type in the IP address taking to Google rather than your router. Try typing the address again but t this time use

• check which network you’re connected to make sure you are connected to the right network and your computer or phone hasn’t joined another network mistakenly

• connect via a cable: if you’re using Wi-Fi, try to connect a computer to see if it can

However, if the short troubleshooting approach doesn’t work, other methods can be applied which varies according to the device make


Click on the start button, type adapter, and select view network connections. From the list, click on the live network connection icon (it will be blue) and from the toolbar, click View status of this connection. If the option is not there click on >> icon in the toolbar Click the details box and a new dialogue box will pop up. The IPV4 address listed is your computer address.  Your router IP address is an IPV4 default gateway

iPhone /iPad

Go to settings, Wi-Fi and click on the I “icon next to the network you’re connected to  (it’s at the top of the list and has a tick to it. Your IP address is clearly stated.

How to Change Your Wireless Router Password

Every router is different in its own way, so always make reference to the manual that accompanied the router for security settings.  However, if you wish to change your router’s password try the following steps:

Stage 1

Launch your preferred web browser and enter the address of your router into the browser’s address bar.

You need to enter Press Enter. You may be asked for an administrator password – also printed on the router label.

Stage 2

You’ll see a page that resembles a website page, which is hosted in the router. From here, you can make changes to the router.

To change the default password, click the Administration tab (this may vary between routers). Some older routers come with weak passwords such as ‘admin’ that are easy to guess, so it’s important to use a good one.

How to Recover IP Address Username and Password

The following are the step-by-step procedures to recover IP Address Username and Password:

  • Stage 1: Find the reset button on your Router.
  • Stage 2: Press and Hold it for 10 seconds and discharge it when all LED squinted
  • Stage 3: Wait for some time and then connect with the PC.
  • Stage 4: Open Browser and type in URL bar > Enter.
  • Stage 5: Here your username and password will be admin – password or admin – admin.